The importance of the new integration of Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit on our platform.

FootballISM has developed a new feature that integrates data from Google Fit and Apple HealthKit and that lets you view the health data collected by apps and wearables connected to Health

Player’s data is valuable, and you will benefit from data analytics that can be built based on data transferred through the APIs of these two integrations. Some examples of data already integrated by FootballISM are Heart rate, Blood oxygen, Sleep hours, Calories, Steps, Blood pressure and Weight

For example, if doctors or physiologists receive the insights from a player’s app and smart devices, they can have a more comprehensive and richer picture of a player’s condition and have more data to develop ideas on how to help them. That cuts away a lot of guesswork and trial-and-error by allowing doctors and physiologists to focus on providing and facilitating personalized services that lead to a better health and performance.

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