Sevilla FC partners with FootballISM

Sevilla Fútbol Club and FootballISM have signed a partnership, with the aim of strengthening a connection that began in 2019. The Sports Tech platform is implemented in the youth and senior squads of the club, maximizing the sports performance of athletes and the resources of both the academy and professional team. This further integration of the platform will allow to boost sports management capabilities, improve the performance of the team and of the infrastructure. With FootballISM Sevilla intends to continue its path as a reference in world sports management.

As Filipe Esteves, Head of FootballISM, explains, "This partnership allows Sevilla FC to optimize processes, unify work methodologies, improve the organization of different teams, as well as communication between its different technical elements. It also allows a flow of information that improves daily work. Thanks to the data (objectives and subjective) collected over time during training and games, the club will be able to compare player development, make quick decisions and have information available to identify different situations and scenarios to anticipate and offer solutions. "

"Only then can each club have a deeper understanding of improvement in the technical, physical and tactical – of each of its players", concludes Filipe.

According to José María Cruz Gallardo, Head of R&D at Sevilla FCIt is clear that our society has long been undergoing a profound process of transformation in work systems, an issue that has been further accentuated by the pandemic. Organizations, especially sports organizations, can no longer work as they did 5, 10 or 20 years ago. It is not effective, it is not efficient and it is not competitive. Obviously, when we developed the ISM Project we were not thinking about acquiring or developing a platform, we were and are thinking about transforming our work processes. And this is not a simple process, many variables have to be taken into account, such as the resistance to change itself. But it is worth it.

In ISM we found many of the features that we believe our work processes should contain: use of the platform on any device, ability to share and connect information within the organization, support in collaborative technologies, generation of the structure's own know-how, ability to work as a team, and a long list of improvements aimed at the result: optimising the performance of our athletes.

Over the years, FootballISM has been improving the club's performance, procedures, and results, and in parallel, this partnership has added value to the platform with the suggestion of new features, such as advanced scouting, training objectives and residence planning.

In Sevilla FC FootballISM is implemented for all youth teams. In professional football, the system is used mainly at the nutritional/physical level. In the last three years Sevilla FC has cemented a leading position in Spanish football, competing for the top four places with more than 70 points in the final standings, alongside the usual candidates Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. Sevilla FC is the club that most often won the Europa League, with six trophies in total.

The process of implementing FootballISM is led by R&D Department at Sevilla FC, a world reference in the development of football and sports performance.

Present and Future

FootballISM will be present on 28 and 29 September at the World Football Summit Europe, which takes place in Seville, Spain.

The ISM team will share its knowledge in the Sevilla Innovation Center, the club's technical academy. Participants in the Sevilla Innovation Center Classes will receive a CoachISM subscription, a platform derived from FootballISM and focused on coaching.

The goal for the future is the continuous development of the ISM platform, benefiting from the technical expertise of the ISM team, an example of the possibility of using Machine Learning to obtain better data and to measure better decision making.

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