Extra Time with Marc Pinyol, CF Damm

Marc Pinyol, Football Coach & Coordinator of CF Damm, tells us how FootballISM is helping the club to have better management in and out the field.

What are the main differences between using a platform like FootballISM and traditional tools like notebooks, excel, Word, and Whatsapp?

It allows you to centralize all the information in one place. It is fast and intuitive. It increases the productivity and connectivity of workers.


How were you organized before with the capture and exchange of information between the staff?

We used DRIVE with the personal emails of each coach. And for the exchange of information from the club to the families, we used and continue to use a platform called Dinantia.

What were the advantages that FootballISM brought to the team and structure? How did FootballISM help with better team performance on the pitch?

It facilitates the supervision of fieldwork in terms of microcycles and mesocycles by sports coordination. It allows having a database that will be increasingly extensive, storing data and information of different types.

It helps us protect the information generated by the club. Once the player or coach leaves the club, we can stop them from having access to said information.


Which modules does CF Damm use the most? And what are the next steps at the system utilization level? Especially with the creation of the new academy.

Right now we want to enhance the scouting part and the control and statistics of match minutes.

Going forward we want to do all internal communications through ISM. We want the technical teams sharing the microcycles by the platform and we also have a more complex long-term objective: integrate all the data of the medical area.

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