CF Estrela da Amadora SAD is FootballISM’s new partner!

CF Estrela da Amadora SAD and FootballISM have signed a new partnership, with the aim of strengthening a connection that had begun a year ago, when CFEA reached the Portuguese second division. At the time, the Club prioritized other Tech investments, but always having ISM in mind waiting for the right moment.

According to Nuno de Castro e Silva, CEO of CF Estrela da Amadora SAD “Estrela da Amadora and MYFC consider that technology, nowadays, is essential for modern football. Whether supporting the technical part, as well as the entire administrative and management part and, in this sense, FootballISM is a privileged partner. This is how we see them, because they allow us to have that technological “upgrade” that is so necessary nowadays”.

FootballISM will be implemented in the three main teams (A, B and sub23), ensuring that the system is going to be used not only in the technical area, but in Scouting and the medical department as well, by the end of the 2022-2023 season. During the second part of the season, CF Estrela da Amadora SAD will also provide the Club (Youth Sectors) with a free usage of the system acquired. The idea is to make sure that three/four Youth teams will be using the system until the end of the season.

The project is still in the beginning, but the system has already started to be used along with the training part. Training sessions have been done and weekly meetings as well to guarantee the best usage of the system.

Maximizing the sports performance of athletes and the resources of both the academy and professional team is the main goal with this new partnership, boosting sports management capabilities, improving the performance of the team and the infrastructure itself.

For José Forjaz, Head of FootballISM, “CF Estrela da Amadora SAD is an historic club in Portugal. Amadora is the biggest Lisbon Area in terms of population, and it has its own identity. The club has its own supporters, and great ones. Unfortunately, in the beginning of the century, the club was not well managed, and went bankrupt in 2009. Happily, some serious investors grabbed it in 2020, and merging with a 3rd division club, managed to reach the second division in 2 years! The proximity and the culture of the club will be a facilitate a great experience and will for sure help us, ISM, on continuously improving the system.”

With FootballISM, the second division club, aims to initiate a path as a reference in the digitization of football and in sports management.

We are sure that by the end of 2023 the increase in productivity and efficiency will definitely help the club reaching and aiming for higher stakes with one goal in mind: Reach the first division!

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