2022 Wrap up and What to Expect in 2023

The year 2022 is over and it was a year of great evolution for FootballISM. In addition to the continuous improvement of the product that has been observed over the last years, 2022 brought an optimization of processes and communication, onboarding of several new clubs and the development of very important functionalities for the Product itself and our partners.

It is this last part that I want to make a summary so that those who don't know can stay up to date with all the great news that we had throughout this year at FootballISM.

Starting right away with what is the most important asset of the Clubs, the PLAYER, we had a total reformulation of the 360 page of the players where they can consult, depending on permissions, all the information of the various departments that are associated with a certain player.

The creation of action plans with the identification of gaps, the recording of actions and the percentage of compliance to reach the objective was another of the functionalities made available.

An option was made available to create a global player evaluation report where they can choose which areas they want to be part of the report, thus having the summary of a season in a single place.

Attendance at training and games, room occupation, comparison of global performance in different weeks and a redesign of the player's mobile application layout were other novelties.

Now entering the TECHNICAL AREA, the Team Dashboard was also created, which turns out to be a 360 view of information related to the team, in addition to the current squad itself and the calendar of training sessions, games and other events.

In terms of training and game evaluation, specific areas were created to monitor the percentage of time spent on general and specific training objectives, categories and types of exercises, their objectives, and the attendance of the players. Specifically for training, there is now a way to check how long each player has trained with another, and for games we have reports with the analysis of each event.

The creation of action plans for the coach, with the identification of gaps, the recording of actions and the percentage of fulfillment to reach a certain objective was another of the available functionalities.

Improvements made to other functionalities in the technical area and a redesign of the layout of the coach's mobile application were other novelties.

Several new GPS providers were integrated into PERFORMANCE, and at the end of the year a feature was made available that allows users to create their own GPS templates.

The areas for monitoring and controlling the team's and player's own GPS data were improved and tools were also created for configuring alerts related to well-being questionnaires.

The SCOUTING area also had some new features where we can highlight the advanced search for players that allows you to filter them considering all the attributes that were used in the observation reports and also the registration of squads in which they were present, whether they are national, regional, district or otherwise. Another novelty was the reformulation of the layout of the scout mobile application. The Scouting area was the first to receive a new feature in 2023.

In health and well-being, which includes the MEDICAL, NUTRITIONAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL part, new functionalities and many improvements were also developed, where I highlight the daily clinical bulletin where you can consult in real time, filtering the team or at the general level of the club, if the players were injured, those who had an evolution in the injury and all the treatment sessions carried out.

In anthropometry, in addition to recording the pleats, they can now also record the perimeters, as well as monitor the evolution of each player and the team.

Speaking of the LEGAL and FINANCIAL area, we have a great novelty that will make life easier for our customers: the automatic calculation of variable bonuses. With this new feature it is possible to create bonus rules associated with competitions taking into account the games or objectives within the competition itself. And these settings are not limited to players, they can also be defined for employees, clubs or agents that may have variable values defined when players are signed.

The achieved bonuses are automatically identified with the completion of the game sheets and objectives of the competition. However, there is still an option to approve and reject awards in order to only pass those approved to the financial department if there is no integration.

As you can see, the year 2022 was very productive in terms of new developments and product improvements.

The year 2023 is already underway and FootballISM doesn't stop! In the first update of the year, we made available a new tool for Scouting teams that allows the creation of shortlists of players for better monitoring and decision making.

Follow the FootballISM page and keep up to date with the evolution of the year 2023 or even better, partner with us and contribute to this evolution 😉

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