FootballISM’s newest client is exactly what drives the essence of our business. Young entrepreneurs Rodrigo Alcobia and his team founded We Scout with the purpose of giving the opportunity to young athletes to have a chance to study in the United States of America. Not only providing them with the best competitive training during all […]

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The idea of being able to prevent injuries is one of the most relevant when it comes to Big Data in Football. It is very important to understand all the different stages of the injury, to know exactly how (technique used), who (which doctor) and when the medical exams have been done. Being able to […]

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How much does a player Cost the club during one full season? Let’s say for example how much does a physiotherapy session cost the Club? What about each meal that a player takes? Regular Scouting observations? Nutritional Plans? Medical Exams? The idea behind our new Player Cost feature is to allow clubs to be able […]

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As you have seen, a lot goes into the FootballISM Solution. Ask for a product demo and confirm that the Platform allows for an unlimited quantitative and qualitative evaluation of data, providing club’s managers with the best management and decision
making information.
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