Designed to achieve high performance in all departments with combined data intelligence from each area in one single source of information. This brings confidence and quickness in decision-making.

Complete and Exclusive

Detailed management of scouting, recruitment, training evaluation and competition, facilities and equipment management and the medical, agents and legal elements. There is no other platform as detailed and transversal in managing a football club resources in the market. Specially for the Academy and youth football.

Unlimited and Effective

The data input and management is endless as well as the users creation. Simplified quantitative and qualitative evaluation, to make the most of all of the assets in the competitive football industry. For a better control, management and streamlining in decision-making.

Easy to Use

User friendly, multilingual, customizable and easy access to all the information with interconnected data in all modules to compliment every staff member’s role and needs. Quick and direct access to specific areas of the platform with private user bookmarks.



This module allows you to manage users general information and roles defined in the default selection. You must be logged with a user with permissions to add, disable, or modify a user or role.


Auditing area allows administrators and department coordinators to track and search for log user activity. All the common activities (Create, Read, Update and Delete) from all users is logged and able to be tracked by users with permissions to do that.

External Contacts

Document and manage external contacts general information and roles in other entities. When registering you can define the area that could see this information.

Season Transition

When season transition is made it is necessary to copy some information from several modules, and in some cases the area managers will have to adjust the information before the start of a new sports season. All the areas managers have to check their own area tasks, so the application administrator could proceed to the season transition.


Contacts and General information about Worldwide Organizations, Confederations, federations, Associations, Clubs and Teams could be managed in this area. Easy access and control of all Club fields, facilities, teams and team players.


Register Competitions (Leagues, Tournaments or Friendlies), entering teams and schedules, building your club base of work. Schedules upload could be done automatically and easy with Excel Templates. Visualization of games and results by match day and real time classification table information.


Activities Calendar

Manage all medical events in one single calendar for your medical team. Your team can plan medical events, such as review and admission exams, check-up’s, treatment sessions among others. This information will also be available at player agenda.

Admission and Revision Exam

Very complete exam at the first time when the player join the Club and then at every season beginning where you will have the previous doctor information, if exists, and the actual medical decision. Attaching medical records is also possible.

Injury Management and History

Document all injuries that occur in each player in a full 360 body by dragging the cursor over the location in the body. Medical team could predict the injury duration and severity through trend analysis based on previous injuries. Access to Human Body image with athlete’s complete medical history. Document all Rehabilitation Sessions so you will optimize an athlete’s recovery process through documentation, visibility and collaboration.

Squad Medical Overview

Full-team medical overview with number of injuries and total recovery days. Beyond this option, injury management is able to alert coaches immediately on the status of their players.


Nutrition and Supplementation Plans

Daily or weekly nutrition plans, for each player. Supplementation plans per team or specific to a player.


Weighing Record and monitor of all squads players. Possibility to create punctual reports to compare all the athletes of each squad in two different dates.


Skin folds and perimeters record and monitor to all squads players. Possibility to create punctual reports to compare all the athletes from each squad on two different dates.


Transports Planning

Possibility to manage all vehicles and drivers, external and internal, getting the knowledge of which are active in the database. Weekly planning can be done by each driver and vehicle of trips to school, trainings and games. This information can be exported to a document and distributed or sent in digital format.

Team and Player signing

At the beginning of each season internal teams and players must be registered in the football federations and associations and that information is updated here. You can also upload the supporting documents.

Match Changes

When your club or the opponent club want to make a game change request you could register all the information related to the game, such as the expected date and the intended date, but also the federation, association and opponent club answer and date.


Suppliers and Products

Increase your financial and operational efficiency creating an accessible single source of truth to manage your bill of materials and product specifications. For each product you will know the exact quantity that is in the several warehouses, locker rooms and players or staff and the exact movements that were made.


Document all product movements in this area to ensure that you have access to accurately information. The movements can be of several types, such as: Entry; Internal Requisition; Temporary Requisition; Transfer; Player assignment and devolution; Devolution and Stock Loss. These actions have an approval workflow process with notifications being sent to existing users in the process to a quickly answer. Once data has been entered, the user is instantly alerted to any changes.

Player and Teams Equipments

Possibility to consult a products list and quantities associated with players and teams.

General Stock Map

Access the total quantities of equipment in each warehouse in only one screen. It is possible to drill down into each area and export the total product information so the club can take an inventory of products or even access the detail of a specific product.


Bedrooms, Rooms, Fields, Meals and Maintenance Management

This module allows you to create and configure the different types of facilities, from the creation of rooms and configuration with number of beds, training grounds, meals and rooms. In the requisitions area all the users of the platform may require some type of facility, being then approved or rejected by the facilities coordinator, and registered the scheduling of the requests.

Facilities Statistics

Get statistics of the several areas managed in the facilities module. You will be able to analyze the percentage of occupation of each room, the load time of the several fields of the club for instance, number of meal types consumed and type of consumers.


Agent Information

Manage general agents information, including main and secondary market and also have a quick access to the agent players portfolio.

Referred Players Evaluation

Document each time that an agent send a player for your evaluation and involve your scouts team in the players evaluation. With that evaluation define the feedback to that player.

Agent Evaluation

With all the evaluations made to the referred players by the agent you will be able to consult in real time all the feedbacks made and obtain an evaluation of the agent. With this feature you have a total commitment to honesty in all information evaluated and this allows clubs and clients to make informed decisions based on facts.


School and Work Session Timetable

Centralized school and work sessions timetables to keep all involved users informed and prepare players for academic issues.

Disciplinary Occurrences and Personal Development

This area allows you to keep track of disciplinary records from the players and personal development issues.

Psychological Competences

Register and analyze reports through best practices in measuring psychological competences.

School, Social and Behavioral Evaluation

Assess and measure different parameters in school, social and behavioral situations.


Shadow Teams

You can create unlimited line-ups for each squad and specify multiple players, scouted or internal, for each field position.

Professional Players Scouting Reports

Record your evaluation reports and analyze players performance statistics through your database.

Youth Scouting Process

Plan, register and manage several types of events including External Observations, Internal Observations in Competition or Training and mass Observation registering general information about the game, associated scouts, referred players and expenses. Register detailed reports and include evaluations of players you want to monitor and match and family information.

Expenses and Statistics

Manage all statistics made in observation processes because real-time feedback is crucial to decide actions to take. Get observation processes expenses reports to evaluate and analyze scout expenses per month and season.

Player Profiles

Create player profiles with minimum skill for each field position and squad.

Technical area

Season Preparation

Prepare your season using our Macrocycle and Mesocycle features as well as define you squad entry and exit players.

Training Plan

Optimize time management through efficient training plans and cycles structure, allowing an enhanced focus on athlete performance. Create and manage exercises with exercises designer and use the schemas at training sessions or share it with others. Evaluate your training sessions and monitor how much time you are spending in which training phase and training exercises.

Competition Preparation

At this area you can create pre-match information, match calls and opponent analysis with images and videos.

Competition Evaluation

Competition evaluation allows to do a match file with all the statistical information, match report and match analysis.

Player Evaluation

Evaluate your players technically as often as you like by registering information about training, psychological, physical, morphological and maturational evaluation. Possibility to compare different reports evolution.


General Information

All the personal player details, family Information, identification documentation and multimedia player data is organized in the player file. Documents with expiry date have automatic alerts so that those responsible persons can take the necessary precautions in a timely manner.

Related to Specific Areas

Be prepared with a 360-degree view of athlete training, performance, contracts, medical, nutrition, academic, facilities, equipment’s, scouting and wellness information with one up-to-date source of data player file.


Centralized agenda with the several activities that the player has scheduled for him, such as classes and school exams, trainings, games, medical exams and treatments, among others. This information is also present in the player’s mobile application.

Player Lab

Gather information about the various areas in a single screen to improve the analysis and follow-up of the player.


Third Party Apps

Achieve better performance levels with combined data from third party applications. In the professional environment data could come from a lot of different places. FootballISM has the tools and the team to collate this data from a vast range of sources. It is possible to make integrations with other softwares, such as statistics, video editing and analysis and gps tracking for example.


As you have seen, a lot goes into the FootballISM Solution. Ask for a product demo and confirm that the Platform allows for an unlimited quantitative and qualitative evaluation of data, providing club’s managers with the best management and decision making information.
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