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The potential to create value for organizations is based, in FootballISM, the approach developed with the human capital of the company, promoting the proximity of relationships and their valuation in the organization.

The challenge is not only to recruit the best consultants but to enable their true evolution, which allows ambitious goals.

.NET Developer


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In addition to the clear valuation of the professionals, the experience in international projects and the knowledge acquired in relation to other areas of the market and new working methods, undoubtedly add value of the quality, capacity and competence of FootballISM. With the international growth of FootballISM, it is possible to allow mobility to the consultants of the organization, with the additional guarantee in terms of security and stability of the group, which guarantee their integration and monitoring.

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Working on FootballISM means having the opportunity to elevate the world of sport to a more technologically advanced level. It means working with a team that is united, capable and willing to do more and better each day.

Nelson Conceição
Nelson Conceição

Wearing the FootballISM jersey and being able to share team spirit, sacrifice spirit, sense of responsibility, getting to know the work of technical teams and having the opportunity to computerize those same complex processes is of course a unique and rewarding opportunity for a lover of sport.

Davide Ribeiro
Davide Ribeiro
Software Engineer

Working on FootballISM is very rewarding both professionally and personally. With the mutual help of all the elements, the level of learning is growing and very positive which leads us to do better for the project and also for our colleagues.

Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz
Software Developer

Working in Football ISM is wonderful! We have a team with lots of expertise in our domain and we can learn a lot each other developing new features to our clients.

André Mira
André Mira
UI & UX designer

Collaborating for the development of FootballISM means for me develop my technical skills in a technologically challenging environment, we have the opportunity to investigate / develop solutions and ideas in areas such as data analist, machine learning and wearable devices as well as having fantatic colleagues and have always something to contribute and help.

Steven Koch
Steven Koch
Web Engineer

FootballISM stands out essentially for the young and positive spirit that is breathed every day. The fact that there are people with enough knowledge / experience but who are always available to help when asked. The permanent attempt to keep employees happy and connected to the company, whether by the training program or even the events, is very positive.

Francisco Nunes
Francisco Nunes
Full Stack Developer


As you have seen, a lot goes into the FootballISM Solution. Ask for a product demo and confirm that the Platform allows for an unlimited quantitative and qualitative evaluation of data, providing club’s managers with the best management and decision making information.
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