Nowadays, the way Football clubs monitor health parameters from their players and the way they conduct their recoveries is a key aspect for the global team performance levels. If ten years ago an ACL injury would be a case for a 6-8 months recovery, today you can see players recovering in 3-4 months. This means […]

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The round table “The State of Football Post-Covid-19” was a success. It was a nice talk with experienced management and training professionais. It is now available to everyone in the following video. A special thanks to the guests, to the entities that made the event possible (FootballISM, agap2IT and DXS) and to everyone who attended!

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FootballISM, agap2IT and its DXS area have set up the online event “The State of Football Post-Covid-19”. It will take place on June 3 and will bring together professionals from Portuguese clubs and sports training to understand what will change and what can be done to face the new challenges that are presented to football. The […]

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