This was a great year for FootballISM. We got the attention of clubs, academies decision makers and, in overall, the Sport Business industry. In 2017 we have been present at top Sport and Technology events such as Web Summit, World Football Summit, The Future of Football, IASports Conference and Sport Business Day. FootballISM made a great […]

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The real life’s Football Manager. This is how Expresso, major media outlet in Portugal, describes FootballISM. The digital platform that solves real problems in Sport Business was built to bring high performance to all departments of a football club.   

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FootballISM was extensively covered in Record online and paper edition. The top Portuguese sport outlet, did a report on our platform during the Web Summit 2017 days. The platform that reinvents Football Management, was reviewed as groundbreaking in the world of Sports by this media.

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La solución FootballISM agrega diversas areas. Solicite una demostración del producto y confirme que la plataforma permite una evaluación cuantitativa y cualitativa ilimitada de datos, permitiendo a los administradores del club el acceso a la mejor información de gestión para la toma de decisiones.
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