The next edition of the World Football Summit 2019 will take place from September 24 to 25 in Madrid and FootballISM’s team will be there! In an event that grows from year to year in number of represented and participating clubs, FootballISM presents itself as the most complete sports management platform. Prepared to maximize all […]

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Article written by FootballISM Product Manager Carlos Valentim  Subscribe the FootballISM Newsletter to receive this and other articles FootballISM had seen its reputation grow exponentially. The number of requests from clubs outside of Europe that want to implement the system that will help them reach new levels of performance throughout all of their departments had soared over […]

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Focusing on the democratization of Sports Management tools at a global level, FootballISM’s team has made a substantial upgrade to the platform. It has now became available for football professionals working in Arabic-spoken countries. Spoken daily by more than 400 million people, in more than 25 countries, the Arabic language has certain specifics that have […]

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La solución FootballISM agrega diversas areas. Solicite una demostración del producto y confirme que la plataforma permite una evaluación cuantitativa y cualitativa ilimitada de datos, permitiendo a los administradores del club el acceso a la mejor información de gestión para la toma de decisiones.
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